June 2012 Newsletter

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Dear Advertiser,You’re busy. I’m busy. So let’s keep this short. Welcome to the debut issue of our quarterly advertising and marketing newsletter, a free service to our valued advertisers. Once a quarter, this email newsletter will provide you with “information bites” designed to improve your exposure in the marketplace: surveys, statistics, programs, success stories, and much more.We promise it will be a quick read full of fast facts – an email charged with great ideas to energize your business. Sit back and enjoy.

In this Issue:

Introducing RiverTown Multimedia
RiverTown Multimedia LogoRiverTown Multimedia? What is that? What happened to RiverTown Newspaper Group?We are still here, better than ever.

Our organization, however, has taken on a new identity.I am excited to answer questions like these because it is an opportunity to talk about all the great new solutions we are working on.  As the media world is changing we are changing too.  While we still are proud to say that we produce the leading community newspapers in the region, we have become more than just a newspaper.

The growing list of marketing solutions includes our eleven local news websites, which have over 325,000 unique visitors per month.  Our auto search engine, has over 80,000 page views per month with over 17,000 vehicles to browse from over 60 regional auto dealers.  We are also proud to say that over 180,000 unique visitors use our leading local job site, to assist in their job searches.  In addition,  has over 243,000 page views and 24,000 unique visitors per month.  The best news is that as a part of the Forum Communications Digital network we can offer a total digital audience of over 1.7 million monthly unique visitors with over 415,000 coming from the Twin Cities region.

Along with our growing list of digital marketing brands and solutions, we have also launched several other solutions of note in the past year.  We have four niche publications that reach different audiences on a regular basis.  Home & Garden publishes twice per year and reaches over 268,000 readers in the region.  dining & destinations, our guide to summer dining, travel, and events is read by over 75,000 people and, most recently, published in the middle of May.  Healthy Lifestyle/Senior Lifestyle magazines publish quarterly and reach a total audience of over 100,000 readers.  Last, but not least, is our much anticipated Holiday Guide magazine which publishes the day before Thanksgiving each year to an audience of over 268,000 readers. Each of these niche publications are also published electronically via our network of websites.

While we have continued to grow our overall audience and regional presence with our web sites and niche publications we continue to be entrenched in each community that we cover.  Our ten award-winning weekly community newspapers continue to grow local readership at a time when the metro dailies are losing readers.  We pride ourselves in being the number one local news source in our communities.  In addition to our weekly news coverage of local government, crime, schools, sports and more we continue to publish our full library of local special sections and niche publications.  Graduation sections, Community Guides & Maps, Community Event publications and much more are produced in each of our markets to meet the need of our readers and advertisers to connect to their local communities.

As you can see we are more than just a newspaper.  I hope you will give us an opportunity to show you how one or more of our solutions can meet your marketing and business needs.  I am confident you will not be disappointed with the power and effectiveness that RiverTown Multimedia can bring to your business.

Upcoming Advertising Opportunities
Don’t Miss These Upcoming Opportunities to reach our Audience!A quick look at upcoming opportunities to reach all or portions of our audience with a targeted local publication (dates subject to change. Contact your Account Executive for further details):

Healthy Lifestyle Magazine:
Publishes: Week of July 16
Space Reservation Deadline: June 22

Official Woodbury Days Preview Section:
Publishes: Week of August 22
Space Reservation Deadline: August 10

Official St. Croix County Fair Section:
Publishes: Week of July 9
Space Reservation Deadline: June 29

Official Pierce County Fair Section:
Publishes: Week of July 16
Space Reservation Deadline: July 6

Official Dakota County Fair Section:
Publishes: Week of July 30
Space Reservation Deadline: July 20

Autumn Home & Garden tabloid:
Publishes: Week of September 10
Space Reservation Deadline: August 24

Senior Lifestyle Magazine:
Publishes: Week of September 17
Space Reservation Deadline: August 17


6 Summer Marketing Tips
Marketing IdeasIt’s warm and sunny, the beach calls. You ask yourself “Why shouldn’t I just give in and go? Marketing is a waste of time at this time of year.”

  1. Summer with its delicious distractions tempts you to decide that nothing is going to happen in your business so why not just enjoy the season.
  2. If you decide to make that choice you will be joining much of your competition in thinking summer time is play time.
  3. With the competition out of the game, now is the time to get out and get serious about your business as they lie on the beach.
  4. Give yourself a break from the everyday pressure of marketing and sales by working on future business NOW!
  5. Going into the fall with business on the books before you start the season is not only a great feeling; it changes your perspective when a prospect that may not be a good fit comes along.
  6. Having core business gives you time to explore and investigate other opportunities that come along. Those other opportunities sometimes form the basis for innovation in how you do business, the way you market and what the primary focus of your business is.Put the power and control of your future back in your own hands.

>> Implement these summer marketing tips starting today:

• Summer is a slower time of year for some media which means you can negotiate a better deal and extend the buy into the higher priced fall by planning and booking now.

• Send a Press Release while media staff is reduced by the holiday season and pressure to produce is on fewer numbers of media writers with less time to look for stories.

• Do take some additional time to read some new marketing books, write some new articles and learn a new marketing skill i.e. blogging or social marketing

• Hold an annual or semi-annual sale with clear parameters of what, when, and how to ensure it doesn’t creep into the busy fall.

• Offer a free seminar, put on a picnic, sponsor a high profile summer time event, and/or hire a student to distribute a coupon. Do something different to capitalize on the opportunity created by large gatherings at special events and more people out on the street in the summer.

• Make a special offer to your current customers to introduce them to another product or service they haven’t yet bought.


If you need to see the possibilities before you put an effort into summer marketing try the following exercise:

• Draw a circle on a piece of paper representing the market size of your industry. Mark your pie shaped share of the market, no matter how small.

• Draw a larger circle around the same central point and extend the sides of your piece of the pie to the new perimeter.

• See what happens to your piece of the pie when people return to their fall routines and the prospects you spoke to and those who decided to do business with you told their friends?

That increase is your customer base growing exponentially from the marketing work you did while others were relaxing in the sun.

“Some people forget to plant in the spring, idle away the summer hours and then expect to reap in the fall.”
-Grant M. Bright

There is still time to give attention to your summer marketing and reap the benefits this fall and into 2013.


Our Audience = Your Potential Customers
Whatever product or services you sell, chances are good your customers are getting their news and information from our newspapers and websites. Are the people you want to see walking through your door listed below?PERCENTAGE OF READERS WHO:

• Intend on using a Car Wash   75.5%
• Plan of shopping for Women’s Clothing  67%
• Intend on an Oil Change  66.9%
• Plan on shopping at a Liquor Store  49.9%
• Exercised 12+ times at a Health Club last year 40.4%
• Ate at a restaurant 4+ times in the past 2 weeks  65%
• Plan on buying a vehicle in the next year  12.1%
• Intend on Buying or Renting a New Home  5.8%
• Plan on visiting a Butcher Shop  34%
• Plan on travelling to a lake in the region  46.8%
• Will shop at a Hardware Store  36.2%

Source:  Q2 Pulse of America regional survey of consumer shopping habits

Our audience