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September 2012 Marketing Newsletter

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In this Issue of our Marketing Newsletter:

  • Be an orange: Standing out from the crowd
  • Exclusive advertising deals just for our newsletter subscribers
  • Business profile: Kelley Gallery Art & Frame ( Video )
  • History in the making: Moving a bridge in Hastings, MN
  • Our audience = A winning vote for your campaign
  • Upcoming advertising opportunities
  • Digital Tips and Trends from around the web


Be an Orange – Stand out form the crowd!

By: Cidnee Stephen

When a prospective buyer is looking at your product or service, he or she is really comparing you to the competition. So the question is, are they comparing an apple to an apple or an apple to an orange? It is vitally important in marketing that you find a way to be THE orange! In other words, what is it about you that makes you completely DIFFERENT from your competitor?

If you can’t find a way to be different, you will constantly find yourself being pressured on price, and small businesses can’t survive on constant price cutting. So how do you differentiate?

First understand that these are NOT differences

  1. Great Service
  2. Great Quality for the Price

These are expectations for all businesses!

Secondly, just because your product or service is unique doesn’t necessarily mean you are automatically an orange. If others can find another product or service out there that can still give them the same end result then you REALLY aren’t that different! Think about these possibilities:

  • Serving a Niche
  • Different Form of Distribution
  • Our Unique Process
  • Special Offer
  • Guarantee
  • Unique Service

If you’re not sure what makes you different, ask your top clients, why they chose you and why they keep coming back. They may start with watered down answers like, “you’re great.” Probe a little deeper. Nine times out of ten, what makes us different is the “little things” we do that we didn’t even know mattered!

Exclusive offers for our newsletter subscribers
Newsletter subscriber only exclusive deals

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Business Profile: Kelley Gallery Art & Frame
Today, making your company indispensable is a vital key to marketing success. Clients such as Kelley Gallery Art & Frame have succeeded in adding value and enhancing their brand by partnering with RiverTown Multimedia.

As the largest local print and online media resource, RiverTown Multimedia has been able to create customized cost-effective marketing campaigns for Kelley Galleries to help them promote upcoming events, extend special offers, and gain new customers beyond the reach of their existing core clientele. Click on this video to view a first-hand account of true partnership marketing with gallery owner Don Kelley.

If your business could equally benefit from the engaged audience we provide, we’d love to partner with you.

History in the making

Hastings Bridge

Starting on September 8, the main span for the new Hastings, MN bridge is going to be moved into place. It will be a couple days in regional history that will be remembered for years. This is just Hastings’ third bridge over the Mississippi River, and the moving in of the main span will mark a significant point in the project. So, as you can imagine, we’ve been busy here trying to figure out how we are going to cover this move.

Here is what is planned:

  • As that move is taking place, we will also be taking time-lapse video. We will have a camera set up that will take a half-second worth of video ever minute.- We can then compress 12 hours of work into a six-minute video.- That video will be posted on our website at the end of each day’s work.
  • We will also have still photos and stories from the move, and those will be posted as we get them.
  • The live streaming will continue throughout the move.
Our Audience = A winning vote for your campaign
Whether you are working on winning over the voters this election season or working to win over potential new customers, chances are our audience can help you achieve your goals.:

  • 86% of voters who cast ballots in the last local election read a newspaper in print or online in the past week.
  • 57% of voters rate newspapers – more than any other medium – as reliable, accurate and in-depth for local/civic issues.
  • 51% of voters rate newspaper websites – more than any other type of local websites – as reliable, accurate and in-depth about local political/civic issues.
  • 54% of voters rate local TV political ads as annoying, followed closely by those on network TV.  Newspaper ads are rated least annoying.
  • 91% of voters who contributed money to a campaign read a newspaper in print or online in the past week.
  • 79% of voters in the 18 to 34-year-old age group read a newspaper in print or online in the last week.
  • 83% of Republican, 81% of Independent, and 84% of Democratic voters read a newspaper in print or online in the last week.
  • 58% of voters who plan to use mobile devices for news about campaigns and elections use newspaper sources for that news.
  • 62% of voters ages 18 to 34 who plan to use mobile devices to check for campaign/election news rely on newspaper sources.

Source:  Moore Information 2012

Our audience

Upcoming Opportunities
Don’t Miss These Upcoming Opportunities to reach our AudienceA quick look at upcoming opportunities to reach all or portions of our audience with a targeted local publication (dates subject to change.  Contact your Account Executive for further details):

  • Fall Car Care Tabloid
    Format:  Full color tabloid
    Publishes:  Week of October 24
    Space Reservation Deadline:  October 10
  • The Holiday Guide 
    Format:  Glossy full color magazine
    Publishes:  Wednesday, November 21
    Space Reservation Deadline:  October 24
  • Healthy Lifestyle Magazine:  
    Format:  Glossy full color magazine
    Publishes:  Week of January 23
    Space Reservation Deadline:  December 21
  • – Trail Camera Photo Contest
    Format:  Online only directory
    Publishes:  Monday Oct. 1st
    Space Reservation Deadline:  Open
  • HalloweenHQ 
    Format:  Online only directory, all 11 RT sites
    Publishes:  Monday Oct. 8th
    Space Reservation Deadline:  Open
Tips and Trends
  1. Email remains strong branding tool:
    Despite the rise of social, email remains a strong channel for brands to engage consumers. In fact, email volume increased 10% from the second quarter of 2011 through the second quarter of 2012, according to new findings from Experian Marketing Services.;
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  2. Smartphone Users are responsive to ads:
    A large majority of smartphone owners use their devices to consume digital content, including media and information, according to a new survey titled “A Portrait of Today’s Smartphone User.” A growing number of these people have seen and responded to mobile advertising delivered to their device.
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  3. Beginners guide to web analytics:
     It’s nearly impossible to understand why someone does something online. How, then, can we possibly hope to evaluate trends across (potentially) thousands of viewers? As it turns out, it’s not so difficult.
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  4. Multi-platform engagement with newspaper audience:
    This 2012 NAA study, conducted by Frank N. Magid Associates Inc., shows that users of newspaper platforms are active and highly engaged with the newspaper platforms they find convenient to use, both for news and advertising content. These consumers also act on the advertising messages presented to them, in digital and print formats.
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